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Working at the BMA

With over 600 employees throughout the UK and in Europe, we offer a wide range of career choices, from policy, to events, to social media. Find our latest vacancies and hear first-hand accounts of what it's like to work at the BMA.

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Why should you work at the BMA?

  • Work/life balance

    We offer a flexible working environment to suit working parents and those with other work/life balance needs. Find out about Gordon Fletcher's experience as he became a father.


  • Career progression

    We like to make the most of the ambition and talent of our staff, that's why when they identify a desire to progress in their role, or even in another part of the organisation, we nurture their ambition. Find out about Andy Blake's experience.


  • Training

    We want to ensure our staff have all of the skills they require to be on top of their game. That's why we offer ongoing training for staff throughout their careers.


  • Travel opportunities

    Because our work covers national and international affairs, there are several opportunities to travel with the BMA. Arthy Santhakumar, senior research officer, tells us about her recent trip to Pakistan.


  • Social life

    Life at the BMA isn't all about the work, there's also a thriving social scene, with a social club that arranges regular sports, quizzes and other one-off events. Hugh Townsend, committee secretary, tells us more.


  • Never a dull moment

    Sean Cusack has worked for the BMA for 20 years. As an industrial relations officer working from home he travels around the south west and sometimes further afield tending to the complex issues faced by doctors today. His work is varied and challenging, as he explains.

  • We pay the living wage

    We are a Living Wage Employer - logoThe BMA is proud to be an accredited living wage employer.

    All cleaning, catering and security employees and contractors at BMA House and specific contractors and service providers across the nations and regions are paid the living wage.

    • An hourly rate set independently and updated annually

    • The living wage is calculated according to the basic cost of living in the UK

    • The current UK living wage is £9 an hour

    • The current London living wage is £10.55 an hour

    • Employers choose to pay the living wage on a voluntary basis

    • The living wage enjoys cross party support, with public backing from the prime minister and the leader of the opposition

    • Paying the living wage is good for business, good for the individual and good for society.

    Find out more from the Living Wage Foundation

  • Mindful Employer commitment

    The BMA has signed the Charter for Employers who are positive about mental health. As an mindful employer, the BMA is committed to create a positive and open culture about mental health. We recognise the importance of raising awareness of mental health and providing support to staff in need. We aim to implement good practices in recruiting and retaining valued and talented members of staff.

  • Contact our HR team

    Need help with the online application or want to ask about working at the BMA and job vacancies?

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