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SAS doctor development

Craigavon hospital
17 October 2016
Secondary care

SAS doctors are a diverse group with a wide range of skills, experience, and specialties.

The personal development needs of doctors are a vital part of sustaining good quality services to patients and ensuring doctors are up to date and fit to practice. Ensuring that SAS doctors receive effective development will benefit patient safety and employers, as well as the individual doctor.

The British Medical Association (BMA), Health Education England (HEE), the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (The Academy) and NHS Employers (NHSE) have worked together to produce this guidance on the development of specialty and associate specialist (SAS) doctors in the NHS in England, to help ensure that this important group of doctors are helped to remain fit to practice and develop in their careers.

This guide describes actions that can be taken to ensure that best practice is applied in the development of SAS doctors and dentists, and how different groups can work together to ensure best practice is consistently applied.

SAS doctor development guide