Medical academic Contract

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Medical academic contracts

This section provides contract information and guidance for medical academics employed by universities and other higher education institutions in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Medical academics include consultant clinical academics, academic GPs, public health academics and academic trainees.


Contract guidance for the nations

Nation specific information including model contracts, terms and conditions and other guides can be found via the links below.


Northern Ireland



Documents including terms and conditions of service with records of amendments, the model contract and a guide of extra or additional Programmed Activities are available from the NHS Employers website.



The Follett Review Principles
The Follett Review in 2001 made a number of recommendations regarding the appraisal, disciplinary and reporting arrangements for senior clinical academic staff and provided the context in which the consultant clinical academic and senior academic GPO contracts were agreed. The university and NHS employers of clinical academics should continue to adhere to these principles.

Joint staff of universities and NHS organisations memorandum
The purpose of this memorandum of understanding is to set out the NHS and university understanding of the role of joint staff of NHS organisations and universities who are engaged in teaching and research or both, as well as the delivery of patient care.


Supporting contract guidance

Survival guide for medical academics
Key questions to ask your employer or prospective employers.

Read the Medical Academic Handbook
A key resource to help you understand your working environment covering the following: careers in academic medicine, contract terms and conditions, pay and pensions, job planning, appraisal and revalidation, training, career progression and support.


Additional information

Guide to university employers
Deciding where to work? Try our guide to universities as employers for information.

Performance enhancement schemes
As a result of funding cuts, universities may be using these schemes more and more often with academics.