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Current committee member

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Being a BMA committee member and representing your colleagues is a vitally important role. We value your commitment and your input and want you to feel supported in your role.

Here are some helpful resources, information, key policies and contact points.


Recently joined a committee?

Your role and input is invaluable to the profession and our organisation. Find helpful advice and resources for new committee members.


Thinking about joining a committee?

Our elected members, supported by expert staff, play an important part in all our work. Find helpful advice on joining a BMA committee.


Resources for you

  • Your first point of contact

    For general queries, your first port of call is the Committee services team - they can help with practical and procedural issues and can also put you in touch with policy experts.

    Alternatively, you could refer to the committee induction pack which covers everything you need to know about being a committee member, from expenses and honoraria to childcare to the BMA code of conduct.

  • BMA corporate policies

    As a member of a BMA committee, you are expected to follow the guidelines and policies in place to protect you and the organisation. Please make sure you familiarise yourself with the policies within this section.

    Read our corporate policies

    Read our corporate equality, diversity and inclusion strategy

    Read the BMA code of conduct

  • Support schemes for you

    The BMA has a range of training to help you to develop in your committee member role. Information about mentoring and training is available.

    We are always looking for volunteers to mentor new members - it is a great way to develop your coaching skills as well as to support new colleagues.

    The BMA website has two key resources for this activity - find topical issues of interest and the BMA's policy position.

  • Connect with your peers

    Our interactive community platform is your place to connect with your peers to network, discuss issues and topics and join online conversations.

    Log on to Connecting doctors - find out what your colleagues are talking about and join in the discussions.

    Not heard of Connecting doctors before? Read our Getting started guide to help you on your way.