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Overview of the Forensic Medicine Committee (FMC)

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The FMC represents the following roles and provides a UK-wide voice on issues affecting these doctors in their working lives:

  • Forensic physicians (also known as forensic medical examiners) - working in custodial settings and Sexual Assault Referral Centres (SARC)
  • Forensic pathologists
  • Crematorium medical referees
  • Medically trained coroners
  • Forensic psychiatrists.

The committee also leads negotiations in fees for forensic physicians and forensic pathologists.


Our priorities

The committee has been working on ensuring that patients detained in police custody are entitled to equivalence of care when compared with non-detained patients in the community. The committee has also been working on expanding its remit, so that it is representative of all doctors working in secure environments.

The committee is also working on its upcoming conference, which will take place in September.

View the top priorities we have been working on.


Who we are

FMC Co-chairs

Dr Bethan Roberts

  Bethan Roberts, Forensic medicine and secure environments co-chair 2018

Dr Sophie Carter-Ingram

Sophie Carter-Ingram, Forensic medicine and secure environments co-chair 2018


Committee membership

The committee is made up of directly elected representatives, elected by job role. Elections take place from July – September each year, and are advertised on the committee elections webpage.

The committee is comprised of:

  • Two forensic physicians by direct election from England and Wales.
  • One forensic physician by direct election from Northern Ireland.
  • One forensic physician by direct election from Scotland.
  • One forensic physician nominated by the FFLM.
  • Two forensic pathologists by direct election from England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
  • One forensic pathologist by direct election from Scotland.
  • One crematorium medical referee appointed by direct election for the UK.
  • One forensic psychiatrist nominated by the faculty of forensic psychiatry.
  • One medically qualified coroner nominated by the coroners society.
  • One representative from the junior doctors committee (JDC).
  • One forensic dentist nominated by the British Dental Association (BDA).
  • The chair or nominee of the professional fees committee. Up to two co-options.


Chair's ARM speech

Each year, the FMC chair updates the BMA's Annual Representative Meeting (ARM) on important issues.

Read the full speech delivered by the FMC chair at the most recent ARM.


Our meetings

The FMC meets four times each year to discuss the latest issues that affect you.

Dates for the 2017-18 session

These dates will be published once announced.

Who can come

FMC meetings are open to committee members only.

Where we meet

BMA House
Tavistock Square

More information

For more information email [email protected]