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Scottish GP contract 2018 - documents and guidance

The new GP contract in Scotland will come into force from 1 April 2018.

This page will contain all the documents that make up the contract, along with guidance to help GPs understand what the changes mean for them.

There are still important contract documents that will be published soon and this page will be updated whenever there is additional information on the contract implementation.

Contract guidance

Find the latest guidance relating to the 2018 contract.

Scotland GP contract - Regulations and Policy Note (Word)

Statement of financial entitlement guidance (Word)


Contract documents

Contract framework

This document was published in November 2017 and outlines the intentions of the new contract including changes to service provision, funding (including the introduction of a minimum earnings expectation), premises arrangements and information sharing.

While the other documents provide more detail on how these proposals will be realised, this document remains important in understanding the intention of the contract, and it remains part of the contract documentation. The changes outlined in the contract framework apply equally to both GMS and 17C practices.

Read the contract framework (PDF)


Memorandum of Understanding

The MOU establishes a national agreement between the BMA, Scottish Government, Integration Authorities and Health Boards to implement the new contract and outlines the necessary funding that will be made available for this to be achieved.

The MOU also specifies that GP subcommittees and Local Medical Committees will have expanded roles in developing and agreeing local HSCP plans to implement the contract - particularly around how funding will be used and the role and function of the expanded multidisciplinary team.

Memorandum of Understanding (PDF)


Premises Code of Practice

The Scottish Government and SGPC have agreed a national code of practice for GP Premises which sets out how the Scottish Government will support a shift, over 25 years, to a new model in which GPs will no longer be expected to provide their own premises.

Revised premises directions are being developed and will be added to this page as soon as possible.

The key changes proposed are:

  • All GP contractors who own their premises will have the option of taking out an interest free sustainability loan, up to the value of 20% of the existing-use value of the property. These loans will be funded by the Scottish Government's GP Premises Sustainability Fund which is worth £10 million per year from April 2018 (£30 million by April 2021).
  • For GPs who lease their premises, there will be a planned transition to the health boards leasing these premises. NHS boards will gradually take on the responsibility from GP contractors for negotiating and entering into leases with private landlords and the subsequent obligations for maintaining the premises.

We have produced guidance for GP partners looking at applying for a GP premises sustainability loan.

Read the Premises Code of Practice (PDF)


Statement of Financial Entitlements

The purpose of the SFE is to establish how practices are paid under the new General Medical Services contract.

Read the 2018/19 statement of financial entitlement covering letter (published 30 April 2018)

Read the updated 2018/19 statement of financial entitlement covering letter (published 27 June 2018)



Changes have been made to the Regulations which provide the legal basis and framework for the provision of a primary medical services. The new Regulations were laid in Parliament on 19 February 2018 and came into force on 1 April 2018.

17J contracts (GMS)

17C contracts

The Regulations are accompanied by a Policy Note which sets out the purpose of the Regulations and provides information about their policy objective and policy implications. This helps them to be interpreted and understood.

17J contracts (GMS) - Policy note (PDF)

17C contracts - Policy note (PDF)

Both sets of Regulations were subject to amendments to make various corrections, including rectifying typographical errors. See the amendment regulations and their supporting policy note, which also came into force on 1 April.


Out of hours

The new contract includes changes to arrangements for out of hours services. Instead of the previous opt-out arrangement, a new opt-in arrangement is being developed. On 28 March a letter was sent to those practices who had not opted out of providing out of hours services to provide more details on the arrangements.

Read the letter


Summary letter

The documents included in the new contract are also summarised in this letter sent from Scottish Government to SGPC on 13 June 2018.

Read the letter


Contract FAQs

The below FAQs were developed following the publication of the contract framework document in November 2017, and the delivery of the contract roadshows. These will be further updated in response to questions received on the implementation of the contract.

Read the contract FAQs


Contact us

If you have a query about the above, you can contact your LMC which is very involved with the local implementation of the contract and should be able to help resolve your query.

If you have a question for the SGPC team you can contact us on [email protected]


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