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Checklist for salaried GPs

As a salaried GP working under a super partnership or a federation there are things you need to look out for.

If your practice is considering entering/joining a super partnership or federation, you should clarify the below items. Please note this is not an exhaustive list.



☐ Is the new organisation holding G/PMS contract?

☐ Will I be employed by the new organisation or the practice?

☐ Will TUPE apply?

☐ Are there plans for the organisation to become an ACO and eventually an ACS?

☐ How will the following responsibilities previously provided by the GP contractor be provided in the new at scale organisation: supervision of staff, development of clinical protocols, responsibility for QOF, complaints, SEA (significant event audit), CQC etc?

☐ Will all salaried GPs be expected to have some of these?

☐ Will salaried GPs be able to negotiate which they take on and be recompensed with time and salaried recognition?

☐ Which of these roles will be delivered remotely by clinicians working away from site of work?

☐ How will the job plan be developed (tailored to each local team or standardised across the organisation)?

☐ How will compliance with contracted hours be monitored and pay (or time in lieu) for extra contractual duties claimed?

☐ Will the move involve any increased responsibilities for extended access (evening and weekends) and will this be optional? How will it be remunerated and organised?

☐ How will staff performance be managed? Who will carry the performance reviews?

☐ How and by whom will pay and job plans be reviewed?

☐ Will there be opportunities for flexible working arrangements to take into account, for example, caring responsibilities?

☐ Under what circumstances will I be asked to work across different sites?

☐ What arrangements will be in place to cover the work of colleagues who are absent on sick and maternity leave? Are there cover arrangements in place to cover absence due to annual leave?
Will the travel costs be covered?

☐ Will there be a salaried doctor’s pool for locum bank working?

☐ Will the transfer impact on any of my out of practice roles (with other organisations, e.g. education, commissioning, medical politics, specialist roles etc.)?

☐ How will salaried GPs and other employees be able to influence the organisation (consultative participation/Voice)?

☐ Will the organisation have any training roles and if so what responsibility and opportunities will the salaried GPs have in these?

☐ What will be the process of requesting annual leave and CPD? Will this be for determination within each site or managed at scale? Will it be more rigid/bureaucratic or more flexible that current arrangements?

☐ What resources will the new organisation have to support education and CPD?

☐ Will the new organisation be providing indemnity directly? If so, will it be:

  • ☐ occurrence or claims based
  • ☐ adaptable to accommodate outside portfolios

☐ Will the new organisation be reimbursing costs of indemnity take out by the individual salaried GP?