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Pension implications

Access to the NHS Pension Scheme depends on the set up of the employing organisation, so you should ensure that as a salaried GP you will not lose access to the NHS Pension Scheme because of a move to a new model of care.

Salaried GPs are able to access the NHS Pension Scheme through their employer, which would likely be a practice, NHS body, or independent provider (assuming IP status in the NHS Pension Scheme has been applied for under the 2014 Regulations).

Under a virtual or partially integrated ACO the current primary care contracting arrangements remain the same and therefore access to the NHS Pension Scheme should not change for salaried GPs.

Similarly, the ACO contract has been recognised as an eligible contract under the NHS Pension Scheme Regulations, and consequently GPs employed in fully integrated models are allowed access to the NHS Pension Scheme, regardless of whether the employer is an NHS or a non-NHS organisation.

Through work with vanguards, NHSE has identified NHS Pension Scheme access as a potential barrier to the development of and engagement with new models of care. Therefore, NHSE is working with the Department of Health and the NHS BSA (NHS Business Services Authority) to address these issues, based on the principal that where existing pensionable activity is being delivered by the same teams, but potentially through different organisation or contractual forms, access to the NHS Pension Scheme should be maintained.

In any case, salaried GPs who are intending to work under a new model of care are advised to contact the BMA pensions department to check whether they will be able to access the NHS Pension Scheme.