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Risks to salaried GPs

GPs should always have adequate and appropriate protection for all their work and will be accountable for their patient interactions regardless of the setting.

Know where your and your employer's responsiblity lies.

However, with the development of new models of care and the integration of different teams it can be difficult to attribute responsibility. It is important that both the employing organisation and the healthcare professionals delivering the care are clear on where responsibility lies and that have the appropriate indemnity cover.

Additionally, as practices entering new collaborative arrangements might decide to suspend the G/PMS contracts and/or form new organisations altogether, salaried GPs employed under such models might not be protected by the requirement to be offered the model contract. In such cases, it is important that salaried GPs request to be offered at least terms that are no less favourable than the model contract for salaried GPs.

As salaried GPs will be employed alongside doctors from different care settings (i.e. secondary care), they need to ensure that they are not contractually disadvantaged and that the employment and pay offer is equal.

Finally, salaried GPs working under new models of care have raised concerns that often continuity of care is lost. Continuity of care is a bedrock of general practice and it is important that the principle is maintained under these new ways of working.