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Workforce benefits

New models of care have the potential to offer new and flexible options for salaried GPs and other clinicians working under such arrangements.

Such innovative employment opportunities could facilitate portfolio careers for salaried GPs and could increase the flexibility of working hours, contributing to a better work life balance.

What is more, there is the potential for salaried GPs to get more actively involved in decision making and/or leadership roles.

Additionally, some GPs employed under new models of care have told us that they benefit from working as part of a multispecialty healthcare team and feel they have a chance to develop their skills by maintaining contact with specialists.

Finally, these new working arrangements and the expansion of the primary care team not only ensures that the needs of the local population are met and that care is provided in the most appropriate setting, but frees up GPs from administrative burdens.

This allows for longer appointments and more time to see patients with complex needs and comorbidities.