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Statement from the BMA Chair

Chaand-Nagpaul 16x9As doctors we strive to give the best care to our patients and on behalf of the profession I send my deepest condolences to Jack Adcock's family. I also feel huge sympathy for Dr Bawa-Garba. I know first-hand what it is like to work in a system under extreme pressure, in which we are compromised in being able to do our best for patients.

Since the High Court ruling, I have heard our members' very serious concerns about the case and its wider implications and this is why I was keen that we create this resource to provide information, guidance and support to doctors at this critical time.

In my dialogues with key figures in government, I've impressed upon them the outcry provoked by the ruling, and the impact it has had on doctors fearing being blamed and punished for factors outside their control.

We have also expressed members' concerns about the GMC's right of appeal against decisions of the MPTS, and the need to secure safeguards about the use of reflective practice. We are addressing concerns of criminalising medical error and are actively contributing to the reviews on gross negligence manslaughter led both by Norman Williams and Clare Marx. We want to tackle head on the systemic factors and pressures that impact on doctors' ability to provide safe care, and will be holding a summit specifically on this issue. We are also concerned about racial bias affecting doctors in the NHS and will be taking forward tackling this together with stakeholders and BME groups.

The BMA is committed to continue to support the doctors we represent and who are working tirelessly to do their best for patients in this most challenging environment - please do visit this website which will be updated on a regular basis.

Statement from BMA council chair Chaand Nagpaul

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