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Principles for effective working with medical associate professions

This report outlines a range of principles that can help to improve the ways that doctors and MAPs (medical associate professions) work together and identifies possible solutions to some of the common problems that have arisen with the introduction of MAPs.

MAPs are:

  • physician associates
  • anaesthesia associates
  • surgical care practitioners
  • advanced critical care practitioners.
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What you'll get from this guide

  • Methods to ensure effective working between MAPs and doctors
  • Real life experiences of doctors who work with MAPs
  • Responses to our survey and user research on MAPs

How to use this guide

The experience of doctors outlined here will provide employers, doctors and MAPs with ideas which can be mutually beneficial to your working lives, whilst helping to ensure positive patient experience and safe care.

This report can be read in conjunction with our guidance on MAPs in the UK.

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