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Supporting disabled doctors and medical students

Disabled doctors and medical students are a valuable part of a diverse medical workforce. The BMA is committed to improving the support that it provides to these individuals at all stages of their careers. 


Understanding the experiences of disabled doctors and medical students

We have recently carried out a survey of over 700 disabled doctors and medical students to find out about their experiences in medical education, training and work, and their perceptions of the support they receive from their place of work, their place of study, and from the BMA. 

We want to make sure that we are focusing our efforts on tackling the issues that disabled doctors and medical students believe would make the greatest difference to their professional lives. 

We are now analysing the responses and will be reporting back on our findings and next steps in Spring 2020.



Throughout this survey we refer to 'disabled doctors and medical students' rather than 'doctors/medical students with disabilities. In doing so, we aim to reflect the social model of disability, which says that people are disabled by barriers in society and the environment, not by their impairment or difference. 


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Disabled doctors share their experiences: