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Influence local and international policy

Decisions are made every day in the UK and in the European Union (EU) on policy, legislation and regulation.

UK governments depend on a constant flow of information and views from those who may be affected by its actions.

Doctors can use individual and collective action to influence national and international policy on climate change.


Practical ideas for action

Think about your own views - what role do you think the UK government should have in taking action on climate change?

Get involved in the work of your medical association or professional body. Find out how the BMA is taking action on climate change. Find out what your Royal College is doing.

Get involved in a health-based network to share your ideas and plans with other health professionals.

Join the Climate and Health Council which seeks to articulate and coordinate the activities of health professionals to take action on climate change.

Influence the political process directly - write to your local councillors or member of the European Parliament, local Westminster MP, Member of the Scottish Parliament or Assembly Members in Wales and Northern Ireland to highlight your support for action.

Join the environmental campaign - have you considered joining an environmental lobby group?