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Order articles

To help you make the most of our resources, library users can order copies of articles from any of our journals, for research purposes.

Articles ordered before 3pm will be available for download as a PDF on the same day. After 3pm the article will be available on the next working day.

We can also provide urgent one-hour delivery of articles where possible.

Read our ordering articles FAQs

  • Place an order

    Choose your membership type to order articles from the BMA library.

    BMA members

    Full Institutional members

    Pay-as-you-go Institutional members

    BMA and BMJ staff


    If you want to order six or more articles at once, read our detailed instructions on bulk ordering articles and use our templates. This service is only currently available to BMA members and institutional members.

  • How to check on the status of your requests

    Choose your membership type to check on the status of article requests that you have submitted to the BMA library.

    BMA members
    After clicking on the above button, and signing in as necessary, please click on the tab entitled the "Status of your orders".

    Full Institutional members

    Pay-as-you-go Institutional members

    Alternatively, you can contact us by email: [email protected] with your article request status queries,
    or phone our General Enquiries number: 020 7383 6625

  • Interlibrary requests

    We can obtain articles or loans from other libraries for BMA members for non-Commercial use. 

    Items will be sent by post or by email. The British Library offers electronic documents, therefore we can send you articles electronically by email as PDF files, but please note that there are restrictions on the opening and saving of these files.

    Request article through our interlibrary loan service

  • Printed journals

    We hold approximately 2,000 print journals, of which nearly 300 are currently received.

    To see a list of all of these titles please consult the browse list of periodical titles on our online catalogue.

    You can also consult the downloadable list of print journals below, available both in PDF and Excel formats.


    Audiovisual collection

    Browse our DVD collection on the online catalogue.

    Browse our entire audiovisual collection (DVD and videos) on the online catalogue.

    For more information, phone us on 020 7383 6625 or email on on [email protected]



    Library journals collection (PDF)

    Library journals collection (Excel)

  • Price list

    Document Delivery Service
    Delivery type
     Non-commercial use
    Commercial use

    BMA Members (Qualified)

    Same day (for orders before 3pm) PDF email

     £4.10 (+VAT)

    £16.80 (+VAT)

    Urgent one-hour PDF email

     £8.20 (+VAT)

    £21.00 (+VAT)

    BMA Members (Medical Students)

    Same day (for orders before 3pm) PDF email

    £2.05 (+VAT)


    Same day (for orders before 3pm) PDF email
     £21.60 (+VAT)
    Copyright fee will be added on top of £21.60 + vat

    Email the library if you have a query about the prices for ordering articles.

  • Copyright information

    You must agree to abide by the terms of our copyright declaration each time you use the service. 

    Read our brief, simplified copyright information below to understand how you can use the the library resources correctly, in accordance with the 1988 Copyright, Designs and Patents Act as amended.

    Brief summary

    The copies made must be for research or private study only, unless an extra fee is paid for Commercial purposes.

    • One only copy of any article
    • One article only from a single issue or supplement
    • The copyright form must be completed in advance, unless you are an Institutional member of the library that deals with its own copyright
    • A single chapter from a book or a limit of 5% of the total work, whichever is less
    • The same law applies to articles or books obtained from other libraries
    • Electronic material or online articles follow the same law unless otherwise stated

    Research use

    The law allows copies to be made only for the purposes of "research or private study". This excludes copying for commercial exploitation.

    • Research covers any type of research, including that undertaken for commercial or industrial purposes
    • Private study excludes use in a group, class or seminar context

    Commercial use

    The law allow copies to be made for Commercial purposes with an extra fee of £7.65 vat on top of the usual article request price.

    How much can be copied?

    • Journals - only one article may be copied from any single issue or supplement, this could include the discussion which follows some articles
    • Books - no more than a single chapter, or 5% of the total work, whichever is less
    • Pamphlets - for pamphlets, short books or reports, we can copy up to 10% of the total work, provided that does not amount to more than 20 pages

    * The information contained in this page is in accordance with the advice provided to members by CILIP and has been approved by the BMA’s legal department. Neither the BMA nor CILIP can accept any liability for its correctness. Members concerned with any aspect are advised to take individual legal advice.